Mixing Metals: How to Do It Right

February 21, 2019

Mixing Metals: How to Do It Right

While there may be many tried and true rules for interior design, mixing metals is one that’s set to be broken. Bringing different metal finishes together can add depth to your interior design and release you from the mundane.

How Many Metals Is Too Many?

We understand that mixing metals can often feel daunting. Alongside deciding which metals to mix, there’s also the task of mixing metal finishes – will you go for stainless steel or brushed copper? Experimenting with combinations is one thing, but it’s always important to choose one metal that will dominate your larger spaces.

Stainless steel, for instance, is one that goes well in bathrooms. Choosing this as your dominant metal and complementing it with another such as cast iron or brass can ensure that your interior remains polished.

Finding The Right Balance

We recommend sticking to one dominant metal with two or three accent metals, using different finishes to add variety. In that case, how do you find the right balance? While cool metallic tones such as silver, nickel and steel bring a modern aesthetic into a space, warmer hues in gold, bronze and brass work to achieve glamour.

Be careful not to congregate different metals in one part of a room. Instead, spread them out horizontally and vertically – polished sink fixtures with designer light switches of the same metal, for example.

Choosing Your Colour Palette

Where would impeccable interior design be without a great colour palette? While netural colour palettes tend to welcome all metal finishes, it’s best to use warm metals (brass, nickel, copper) with warm hues (beige, brown, taupe) and cool metals (silver and chrome) with cool hues (blues and greens). The truth is – they can all go together as long as you have clear design intent!

Adding Subtle Touches

If you’re still not fully onboard with the trend, metal trinkets and accessories are a good way to add a subtle touch of mismatched magic. Your choice of metal in small flourishes rather than in large furnishings can give you more of a scope for experimentation as you start to bring together your interior design vision. Adding a small metal sculpture, a vase or even a bespoke light fixture is an easy way to add variety while still providing a uniform look.

At Wandsworth Electrical, we welcome you to embrace all things metal. Our collections of designer light switches and sockets are available in a range of available finishes from antique brass to bright nickel, allowing the most daring interior designer to prove just how stylish this trend can be.


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