Keeping It Clean: Declutter For Spring With A Minimalist Design

May 3, 2019

Minimalist interior design is a trend that is not going away. The clean-cut style that features uncluttered spaces is a firm favourite amongst interior designers. The clean and sleek trend allows you to handpick key details that can stand out without over-embellishing.

Considering that we each interact with our sockets and switches every single day, your electrical accessories are a great way to create standout pieces in a minimalist-themed home. In this article, you will discover how the elements of minimalist design can be blended with key details to create standout style without the clutter.

Colour Scheme

A popular misconception around minimalism is that you have to use a monochrome colour scheme. This just isn’t true – you can have colours in your rooms, but it’s important to keep it simple. A minimalist home doesn’t have to look cold and lifeless; it simply needs to avoid chaotic and confused colours. Lots of different bright, clashing colours won’t create the calming effect you want. Pale or pastel colours are more suited for the style. Try to use as few colours as possible in each room – stick to one or two if you can.

Lighting, Space, Objects

One of the main principles of minimalism states that lighting, space and objects should all play equal parts in the room’s design. This is a great mantra to repeat to yourself whilst designing and choosing your furniture and accessories. The perfect balance of light, space and objects will ensure that the room doesn’t look over-crowded or uncluttered and instead it will have a clean, bright finish. With Wandsworth Lighting Controls, you can craft a simple yet efficient lighting system that illuminates your home and allows you to control all of a room’s lighting from a single switch plate – which fits in perfectly with the ethos of minimalism. Even better, with a master on/off switch you can turn off every single light in your home with one press – and turn them all back on when you return. Cut down on the amount of switches and increase the amount of light to really nail minimalism.

Clean Lines and Simple Prints

When choosing furniture for your minimalist room, remember to choose designs with simple and clean lines. A grand, ornate wooden arm chair with intricate carving doesn’t really fit the bill. Modest design can still be beautiful and there’s plenty of mid-century style furniture that looks great within a minimalist scheme. When it comes to wallpaper, curtains and other materials where prints often feature, try and stick to simple prints. Overbearing floral designs or animal print can look a bit much. Try a tidy geometric design or stripes in subtle colours. Our Crystal collection switch and socket plates allow you to blend your wallpaper into your electrical accessories, leaving only the switches and sockets to stand out in style.

Bare Essentials

When trying to achieve a clean, minimalist room, it’s important to remember not to over indulge. Every extra accessory or piece of furniture you don’t need which you add to the room will take you a step further away from your minimalist dream room. Keep everything stripped back with a simple or classic design without embellishment.

For example, your lighting and fixtures don’t need to be grand chandeliers to make a statement in the room. Wandsworth’s Penthouse collection of plates are handcrafted pieces that embody the peak of design artistry and technical skill. A simple screwless design typifies the plates, which feature a modern style perfect for the minimalist. You can incorporate a clean, smooth dimmer switch or rocker to truly nail the minimalist aesthetic. Choose a simple finish which will complement the look, such as matt black or satin nickel. These switches are the perfect addition to a minimalist room, providing ultimate functionality and beauty with no excessive aesthetic design.

If you want to know more about which of our switches would suit a minimalist design plan, please get in touch with a member of our team on our website.


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