Why Should You Invest in Smart Lighting for Your Home?

December 12, 2018

Why Should You Invest in Smart Lighting for Your Home?

The lighting that you choose for your home impacts how it looks and feels. In fact, the right lighting can transform any space from so-so to sophisticated, especially when that space has lighting control. Now, homeowners can benefit from well-designed lighting and automated smart control from Wandsworth Electrical.

Perfectly Set The Tone

Combining a variety of different light fittings within a smart control system will allow you to create the perfect atmosphere in every room. You’ll no longer have to struggle to ‘set the mood’, with the power to select a range of light intensities at the touch of a button. A smart system is intuitive and can be set to change throughout the time of day, complementing your living in a much more efficient way.

Additional Home Security

A lighting system that is built exactly for your needs can be rare to come by. For those that spend a lot of time away from home, one of the biggest advantages of installing this software is that you can make your lights behave exactly as they would if you were there. After all, an occupied home is the biggest deterrent for intruders.

Improve How You Sleep

Smart lighting can also improve your sleep. To respond to lower light, our brains produce melatonin, a hormone that helps to regulate our daily sleep cycles. In the evening, this hormone will start to increase before it peaks during the night. When we are exposed to bright light late in the evening, the natural production of melatonin is disrupted. Instead, pre-programme your smart lighting system to dim in the evening. This gradual reduction will prepare you for a quality sleep and help you maintain a consistent sleep/wake cycle.

Reduce Your Energy Costs

Our lighting control system has multiple intelligent features that ensure the appropriate lighting for each room in your home. Features such as Daylight Harvesting will take advantage of the natural light in your home and adjust your electric lighting accordingly. Soon you’ll have a complete energy efficient system that reduces not only your environmental impact but your financial outgoings too.

Avoid Complicated Switch Planning

Architects and interior designers will know that open plan spaces can mean the planning of switching can become complicated. Instead, have one switch that controls as many lights as you wish, eliminating the need for multiple fixtures and fittings.


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