The Importance of Finishing Touches in Interior Design

November 7, 2018

Interior design is an art, a well-thought out process that ensures that a room has interest, function and texture. Achieving the perfect first impression cannot be done without those extra little touches that inject character and personality into a room. These are what raise the bar, creating the desired elements that complete the d├ęcor.

Setting aside time and a budget for finishing touches is the best way to ensure you can see your design project through to the end. Good designers will know how to balance categories such as furniture, rugs, lamps, pillows and window treatments and will understand that compromising on cost usually also means that the quality and look will go down too.

Window Treatments and Lighting to Set the Mood

While on one hand, floor to ceiling curtains can add an element of grandeur to a space something more modern like bamboo blinds can filter light into a room to create a sense of calm. This shows how you can choose your window treatments to be the focal point or let your furniture and other accessories take centre stage. The same goes with lighting. Consider lamps and dimmers for spaces where you wish to create a warmer, cosier atmosphere and track lighting in rooms that will remain open and bright no matter the season.

Embracing Textures

Interior designers always encourage a mix of textures in a room to create even more interest and personality. Rugs, throws and pillows can easily be combined to match with hard furnishings such as tables, lamps and even light switches to create an overall feeling of the space.

Plants and Flowers to Bring Energy into A Room

House plants have without a doubt become one of the biggest design trends in recent years. Bringing the outside in has its benefits, purifying the air and making you feel happier. Plants and flowers can be arranged in a way that can add a pop of colour to any room, but make sure you shop according to how much natural light the room gets and how much the plants need.

Choosing A Statement Piece

Your statement piece could be anything from an interesting item of furniture, a large indoor plant or your favourite art hung on the wall. Whichever you choose, this will help anchor the room, giving you a centre point to base the rest of your finishing touches around.


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