Feminine Interior Design With an Edge

June 25, 2019

With Millennial Pink sweeping hotels and restaurants as the most on trend colour of 2019 and Living Coral as Pantone’s Colour of the Year, it’s safe to say that traditionally feminine looks are very on trend in interior design right now. Feminine style interior design isn’t for everyone though, as some people find it too soft or plain. This blog will give you a few tips for creating a feminine interior design style with an edge: bringing it into the modern day and adding your own personal touch.


Colour Scheme

It doesn’t just have to be pink! Pink is the stereotypical colour used in feminine design, often prevalent in baby girl’s rooms, ladies dressing rooms and beauty salons. But there are other colours which can create a feminine look. Soft, pastel colours can be less overwhelming – think baby blue, lemon yellow and mint green.

That’s not to say you can’t use pink at all. Sometimes it’s nice to have subtle pink accents throughout the room just to add that feminine touch. It goes beautifully with deep, moody colours like navy blue or emerald green. Try adding these accents using accessories like plant pots, cushions or furniture.


Classic Design

Feminine interior design style is usually associated with classic design. The classic Marie Antoinette French style or Victorian floral patterns are obvious tropes to go to. Try bringing the style into the 21st Century and give it a modern twist. Add some contemporary geometric patterns to the room to keep it looking edgy.

When it comes to accessories, try mixing traditional with modern. Our new toggle switch range has classic toggle switches on sleek, modern plates which would be perfect for creating this clash of styles.


Soft Metals

Metal accessories are a great way to give a room an edge, but try metals with warm tones to keep it feminine. Light switches in our Antique Bronze finish would add the perfect warmth to a room, and the subtle copper tones will complement any shades of pink or other soft colours in the room.



Floral patterns are always a good way to create a feminine looking room – but it doesn’t have to be over the top. Small accents of floral patterns around the room are a great way to create this style. Try a vintage style floral wallpaper on one accent wall, with the other walls painted a coordinating colour.


Combining interior design styles is always a fun project to take on, and often it’s the little details that make these looks work. You’ll find that less is more in these situations and if you start to add too many accessories to give the room an ‘edge’, it won’t have a feminine style at all any more. Contact us to enquire about any light switches and sockets you require to complete your feminine interior design project.


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