Creating a Rustic Home for Autumn

July 26, 2019

A rustic style home is warm and welcoming all year round. As we approach autumn, it could be time to start thinking about preparing your home for the cooler months. The rustic style is characterised as relaxed, organic and warm – perfect for any home. This blog will explain a few of the features of the rustic style and how you can achieve them easily in your home.


Natural Textures

Textures inspired by nature play a big role in the rustic style. A common feature of rustic homes is exposed wooden beams – the earthy, woodgrain tones bringing warmth and cosiness to the room. Exposed stone or brick walls in red and pinkish hues can have the same effect. Hardwood flooring or imitation laminate flooring contributes to this look – try adding some vintage or classic style rugs to your floor to create a welcoming feeling.


Warm Colours

When you look at rustic homes, an autumnal colour palette features in most of them. Warm shades of browns, reds and oranges dominate, creating a cosy space that instantly feels comfortable. It’s often good to start with a lighter base, such as cream or beige walls and carpet, and to accessorise and furnish in these deeper, warmer hues to avoid making the space feel smaller or cramped.

When choosing lighting fixtures, steer clear of metals with colder tones like silver or nickel and stick to warmer materials. There is a huge range of finishes available for Wandsworth light switches, with plenty to suit the rustic style. Our Antique Bronze finish is very subtle, with darker orangey undertones whereas Burnished Brass has brighter, gold tones. Browse our range and find the finish you think would suit your rustic home best.



The warm, cosy feel of a rustic home should never make it feel too small. Darker colours in the room can be balanced out by adding plenty of natural light to the room. Large windows can flood the room with light and make it feel open and airy. Where possible, open floor plans are ideal. They make the home feel like compartmentalised and living spaces can blend into one another.



A big part of the rustic style is to make your home feel inviting, to make it feel like the kind of place you want to escape into from a cold, rainy night. To feel totally welcoming, your home should have a personal touch. Sticking to the rustic theme will make your home beautiful but by adding bits of your personality, you can make it completely welcoming. Make sure to add photos and art that is meaningful to you, or particular pieces of furniture which speak to your taste.

Get more interior design inspiration and view our range of rustic style light switches on our website or contact us for more information on 01483 713400.


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