Bringing the Outside In: Embracing Greenery in Your Home

June 3, 2019

One of the biggest interior design trends in 2019 is the incorporation of greenery into your home. The introduction of plants into your living spaces not only boosts the beauty of a room, but plants have also been proven to improve the mood of the people living there. There are so many ways to get this trend right and this blog will give you some inspiration to do it your own way.

Potted Plants

The most obvious and easiest way to get greenery into your home is by buying some potted plants. If you’re feeling extra “hands on”, you could pot the seeds and grow the plants yourself! Ask yourself which statement would you like to make with these plants – are they going to be the focus of the room, or just an accessory?

If you want plants to be the main attraction in your room, a cluster of different sized plant pots or different types of plant is a great way to catch the eye as soon as you step in the door. Alternatively, for a more minimalist feel, one single palm plant in a simple pot can make just as much of a statement, especially in a room painted white where the green hues will really stand out.

Leafy Prints

If houseplants are a little too much maintenance for you, the same effect can be achieved with green leafy prints. The banana leaf print in particular in very on-trend this year in both fashion and interior design. Try one statement wall papered in this print – it will add the vitality that plants bring to the room without being too over-powering. Make the most of this print with Wandsworth clear switch plates from the Crystal Collection. The acrylic material means there’s no metal or coloured block imposing on the design and you can enjoy it seamlessly throughout the room.


Bringing the outside in doesn’t have to be taken so literally. To give your room more greenery, you could work on the foliage that’s visible from the room’s windows.f. If you have large windows or French doors leading out into a garden, this will make the room feel bigger but also will make it almost feel like it’s part of nature. Make sure the garden visible outside of these windows is always well tended,  and it will become a feature of the room. If you’re working with a room which doesn’t lead out onto a garden, window boxes are the perfect way to perch nature right outside. Although they’re initially best enjoyed from the exterior of the house, as they grow they will become visible from the inside and really give the room a charming feel.

Fresh Flowers

If you’re really dedicated to bringing greenery into your home, one of the best ways is to have fresh flowers on display at all times. Obviously, this method takes a little more time, effort and maintenance, but for many people regular fresh flowers are an integral part of their home and help keep it looking and smelling fresh at all times. Fresh flowers are also a great way to add more colours into your room’s palette – as well as green you can add pinks, purples, blues and oranges.

Bringing greenery into the home can be an easy way to inject it with life, vitality and happiness. Get in touch with us to find out more about any Wandsworth products you think could complement your new green home.


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