The Benefits of Acrylic Furniture in Interior Design

January 7, 2019

Acrylic furniture, in all shapes and sizes, has been making its way into homes more and more over the past few years. As such, more people are seeking inspiration on how to include this versatile material into their interiors.

Acrylic Furniture Styles

Developed in the 1930’s, acrylic is a plastic material that combines a glasslike style with durability. Once commercially available, it soon became an interior design favourite for those who wanted to embrace the minimalist style.

Its durability allows it to be easily cut, shaped and moulded into modern designs, left crystal-clear or dyed to give it a neon effect. In the right space, this type of decor can look incredibly chic.

It’s Time To Be Transparent

When it comes to acrylic furniture one thing is clear…the sheer power of transparency.  While it may look like it’s made from glass, acrylic is a thermoplastic material that can withstand much more wear and tear.

Acrylic has become popular for those with smaller spaces, as it is a helpful when maximising space is a priority. Additionally, when it comes to organisation, acrylic’s transparency can be unforgiving, forcing a level of tidiness within the home. If a clean, minimal interior is what you’re looking for then acrylic is a sound choice.

Flawlessly Matches With Any Interior Style

Add a piece of acrylic furniture into a room and your design possibilities are endless. Although it lends itself to avant-garde furniture style, acrylic is the chameleon of the design world. This material is perfect for showcasing bright, colourful and even heavily patterned sofas, chairs and soft furnishings. It can also reflect light beautifully, maximising the look of a space in the same way that mirrors do.

Your acrylic piece can complement any interior trend, whether you’re pairing a transparent coffee table with chairs from the 1930s, or clear chairs with the recent resurgence of the 70’s rattan trend. If classic decorations aren’t your thing, it’s easy to keep things modern by pairing acrylic with metal.

The Crystal Collection is our very own acrylic offering to complement your interior design. When we created this collection, we had two words in mind: subtlety and style. These transparent plates have been designed to blend in with your wall coverings, giving you a chance to showcase your room without any compromise.


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