A New Look for The Wandsworth Smart Controls App

March 7, 2019

Introducing the new look for the Wandsworth Smart Control app. Wandsworth have rebranded their Smart Control app with a sleek and sophisticated gold and grey colour scheme to match the classic Wandsworth colours.

The Smart Control app is a convenient way of saving time and energy when it comes to lighting in your home. It allows you to adjust the activation times of your lighting, so you can be in control of your home wherever you are.

With the app you can pre-program up to ten timed scenes for a particular day and adjust on/off activation times within specific rooms. You’ll no longer be concerned that your house could be a target for burglary whilst you’re away, as with the Smart Control app you can mimic your lighting routine and activate the lights to turn on and off using just your phone.

The Wandsworth Smart Control app lets you set your lighting controls based on sunrise and sunset and can use your GPS location to auto-set dusk and dawn times, taking all of the hard work out of it. The app has room usage recommendations which you can adhere to or just use as guidelines. For example, choose dimmer lighting for chilled out evenings in the living room or brighter full lighting for cleaning in the kitchen.

The rebrand of the app has introduced a new gold and grey colour scheme. The matching graphic icons clearly represent each activity and you can customise these to match your custom lighting settings.

Available on Android and iOS, the Smart Controls app is the perfect way of saving time and energy. Control your lighting all with one easy swipe of a finger. Head to the app store or the Google Play store now to download the app, or update it if you already have it. The right lighting can change the atmosphere in a room, so make sure yours is flawless every time with the Wandsworth Smart Control app.


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