Achieve Your Acrylic Look With Our Crystal Collection
April 15, 2019

Black acrylic is extremely on trend for 2019. Explore how this can be incorporated into interior design and how Wandsworth can create a bespoke solution for those looking to embrace it with our clear acrylic light switches and matte black finish light switches.

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How To Choose The Best Combinations In Our New Range
April 4, 2019

This blog will explain a little bit about how to create a range of different combinations from the products in our new toggle and dimmer switch range. You can make several different looks for your home by switching it up a little.

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A New Look for The Wandsworth Smart Controls App
March 7, 2019

The Wandsworth Smart Control app has had a total rebrand, making it easier than ever to control all of the lighting in your home from your smartphone.

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Mixing Metals: How to Do It Right
February 21, 2019

In the interior design world, mixing metals has been a longstanding faux pas. However, one of our favourite trends this year involves letting go of everything you previously thought about pairing silver and gold and pushing the boundaries with your interior design.

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Victorian Modern: How To Perfectly Capture This Style
February 13, 2019

While trends come and go, many elements of Victorian design are slowly but surely working their way into modern interiors. The detailed and dramatic is back in a big way, but how do you incorporate this into your home without going overboard?

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The Return of Floral Wallpaper? The Top 2019 Interior Design Trends
January 21, 2019

To get you feeling inspired, we’re looking at the fantastic home design trends that will make their way into your home in 2019. One that we know is set to dominate is floral patterns, whether they be abstracted or chintz. Is this something you’ll be incorporating into your interiors?

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Why Should You Invest in Smart Lighting for Your Home?
December 12, 2018

Smart lighting is not only functional and beautiful, but it is highly intuitive and can make your interior design more aesthetically-pleasing and more convenient. The Wandsworth Lighting Control Panel offers beauty and intelligence to create something that is perfect in your premises.

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How to Make a Statement with Your Lighting
December 7, 2018

Some interior design aesthetics just wouldn’t be complete without lighting that makes a statement. Whether you choose a delicate chandelier or an industrial metal fixture, Wandsworth offer a beautiful range of light switches to accompany the lighting of those looking to make lighting choices.

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Lighting Solutions for Period Properties
November 14, 2018

With their particular style, the lighting that you use in period properties can often be tricky to get right. With the help of Wandsworth Electrical, you can find the perfect solution.

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